Our Priority

Confidentiality Is Our Topmost Priority

Software product development includes tangible as well as intangible assets, strategies and communication whereby confidentiality is most important. We are a 100% technology service company which means whatever work we do, our client has complete ownership of the source code as well as Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

At POSISTRENGTH, we do a lot of work with agencies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and enterprises across the globe who subcontract their work to us. We have core Governance, Risk Management and Compliances in place to ensure we safeguard our customer’s best interest and provide complete confidentiality.


  • As part of the standard recruitment process, POSISTRENGTH employees sign standard Non Disclosure agreements on a legal basis Government of India stamp paper. Based on this they cannot disclose any proprietary information directly or indirectly to anyone outside the project team or company, or use, copy, publish, summarize or remove such information from the company premises.
  • Any information received by employees while working from clients or third parties are held in strictest confidence and are not allowed disclosing or using it.
  • As a company, we sign NDA with our customers as well as our employees, thereby safeguarding our customer’s best interest.


  • CISCO Firewalls and switches
  • PCI Data Security Standards
  • Latest AntiVirus in all Workstations
  • Licensed Antivirus, Anti malware, Anti ransomware softwares
  • Regular Monitoring and logging
  • Software and Security audits
  • Authorized IP access in network
  • Encrypted Data transfer
  • RAID (Redundant Backup of Information Disks)


  • 24 x 7 CCTV for safety and security
  • Biometric security system for authorized entry
  • Fire and BMS Alarm
  • Authorized entry only using valid Identification card
  • Certified Security Personnel
  • Backup Generator and UPS