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POSISTRENGTH is process Technology Company based in Delhi, India. Since the early 20s, we have helped startups and enterprises to BRIDGE their VISION and REALITY. We are working with clients to design, develop and integrate smart technology solutions. We deliver world-class software development and consulting services with our inhouse team of experts for web, mobile and cloud applications.

Businesses now rely on us for growth, extend their existing resources with our Agile teams, and pace their time to success.

Solve Problems. Fuel Innovation. Make It Happen.

How We Make A Difference

What We Do

We pride ourselves for delivering world-class innovative digital solutions that bring a great impact. We have worked with top Fortune 500 companies, SMEs and Startups to bring worth through technology, strategies and creativity.


How We Do

We take a time tested Why-What-How approach. Step 1 is to understand WHY something needs to be done. Step 2 is to discuss & define WHAT needs to be done and Step 3 is to execute it.


We are focused to keep our processes lean, transparent and client-centric. We take great pride in our work quality and proactive communication with which we keep bringing tangible results for our customers.



POSISTRENGTH empowers your business by enhancing overall effectiveness and efficiency using next generation technology. Our focus is to help you envision potential, leverage technology and reach for infinite growth.


To consistently lead technology innovation and provide technology software services and solutions to global clientele with exceptional quality, sharp turn around time and cost effectiveness.
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Our Approach

We believe in excellence and passion towards our work. We follow the Kaizen Principle, which aims for constant and never ending improvement. We are customer centric and completely relationship oriented. Technology is our passion and our focus is to empower your business with the latest technology and provide a higher return on investment. We make technology simple.

Mission-Driven Team

The heartbeat of POSISTRENGTH is our people. We are so much more than technocrats, designers, developers, project managers, digital marketers & QA experts. We are passionate people who encourage people to share their authentic thoughts on the table, which enables us to discuss, debate and create unique concepts, ideas and work results that other companies can’t. Our team is armed with talents that ensure we implement best technology services for global businesses. Our certified team has made technology the core of their life.

You Just Need A Mission-Driven Team To Deliver Mind-Boggling Results

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